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Reiki Workshops:

I have found through teaching Reiki that those who feel called to Reiki or who have an interest in Reiki treatments seem to have a deep desire and quest to enrich their lives through personal integrity, knowledge and responsibility. The common thread is a willingness to do what it takes to make this world a better place by starting with themselves.

Reiki classes are offered as a way of personal growth and understanding. Many students study the healing techniques to use on themselves and not necessarily to become a healing practitioner. The process involves the attunement of the chakras and opening to spirit, knowledge of hand placements to move energy, and the ability to find clarity. By following spirit and assisting others as well as ourselves, we also receive an enriched feeling of connectedness to all aspects of life.

So, yes there are three levels of Reiki commitment and training, yet these classes are only the beginning of each stage of your journey and enrichment of your life.

I invite you to explore a new way of healing, understanding, inner peace, and commitment to yourself, others and the Universe.

Each class is a full day. Bring a light lunch and wear comfortable clothing.

*Classes begin with two participants.

Reiki Level 1: ……………………………………………… $250.00

History, Understanding, Formal Hand placements, Attunement, Manual and Practitioner Certification

Reiki Level 2: ……………………………………………… $350.00

Review of level 1, symbols to enhance power and understanding, deeper commitment and knowledge of Reiki energy, OutReach, attunements, Manual and Practitioners Certification

Bring previous level notes.

Reiki Level 3: (Master and Teacher Level)……………………………………………… $600.00

Review and focused knowledge of previous levels for the ability to teach

Attunements and acceptance of responsibility for teaching and holding the torch

Training of body and mind for the purpose of initiating others, completed masters Manual, and Master-teachers Certification

Bring previous level notes.

Meditation Workshop I: (2 Hour Classes once weekly for 3 weeks)… $450.00

Everyone has a different idea about what meditation really is. In its simplest form, it is just the ability to relax your body, let your mind be still from all the constant chatter and maintain a tranquil state out of our hectic lives for a period of time. When we do this routinely, we begin to feel a rejuvenation of our system, less frantic or irrational thinking, and bring forward calmness to our daily life. By being this deeply relaxed, many people find the energy it takes to break through blockages and find answers or resolutions where before there was just confusion.

In a relaxed, comfortable, home setting, take time for yourself as part of a small group and learn the art of meditation.

Small classes starting with 2 participants.

Meditation Workshop II: (2 Hour Classes once weekly for 8 weeks)… $1200.00

Join me for an 8 week series of chakra explorations. Through a variety of methods including meditation and discussion we will discover the meaning, colour and location for each energy center. By clearing and understanding the chakras one at a time we open our energies to the beautiful flow of wellbeing and balance.

By the end of the series you will have new tools to assist you in maintaining a constant healthy energy and the wisdom to know what to do if there is change.

*For students intending to study the final Master/Teacher Reiki level, this course would provide good insight into and then release of their own issues; allowing for higher and clearer levels of enlightenment.

Crystals and You: (2 Hours Crystal Kit Included)…………… $250.00

Explore ways to bring crystals into your daily life and become sensitive to the power of their vibration.

Crystals and Chakras: (4 Hour Crystal Chakra Kit Included)…$450.00

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. When they are aligned and balanced then our energy flows easily and freely. When one or more are out of balance, we start to experience disease, or a feeling of being blocked or stuck.

Learn the chakra placement, purpose, and power as you use the crystals to assist with moving and rebalancing your energy system.

Pendulum Workshop: Pendulum Workshop: (3 hours pendulum, instruction and charts included)…$300.00

Have fun while you explore and re-connect with your own inner wisdom. Experience a new form of breathing to release, cleanse and ground yourself to bring clarity to your pendulum work. Find out how to ask questions and feel the answers, through your own body as an extension of your connection to Universal life energy.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N%P3X3

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