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Alternative Sessions
Crystal Healing: (1 Hour Session)…………………… $150.00

Crystals have been part of natures' gift to us for a long time. Placed on shields for war as protection or status, ground into elixirs, worn on the body, head and hands as jewelry or in pockets as talismans, or simply placed in the environment; they help us to re-create and restore balance in our lives.

Whether they are precious or semi-precious crystals, gems or stones, their individual and blended colours, composition, area of origin and vibration can be used for healing. Some crystals help us to find answers when we sit quietly with them. Others bring in renewed energy or a sense of purpose or peace. There are also some that can be used to reduce pain, absorb negativity or protect us. We can wear them, place them in our homes, meditate with them or call on their healing vibration wherever we are as we become more in tune with them.

In a session, crystals will be placed on areas of your body for healing, on your chakras, or around and under your body depending on the need and direction of the treatment.

Renewed energy flow, release of patterns, insight into issues and more are our gift from these beautiful and colourful crystals and stones.

Explore one of natures' most beautiful gifts to us, with me.

Metamorphic Technique: (1 Hour Session)…………… $150.00

This healing modality was studied, researched and developed by Robert St. John, a naturopathic doctor in the early 1960's. Through the process of simple foot, hand and head massage along the spinal reflexes, the client is invited to just relax and let go. The practitioner is not required to assess or analyze or interfere in the healing technique in any way but to merely be a catalyst for change.

His research found that it is during the 9 months of gestation that the potentials for human life are established. This treatment then allows for the release of any energies that might have been influenced or blocked during the pre-natal period stopping us from achieving our true and fullest potential.

This modality helps to stimulate the release of old patterns and blockages that maybe stopping you from being the unique individual that you are. In spirit before you took on human form you were the perfection of all that you could be. This technique helps to renew your faith in yourself, energize your soul and take back your life.

Spiritual counselling: (2 Hour Session)………………… $250.00

This form of counselling enables you to work out your own solutions through gentle coaching and support. Messages, discussion and guidance assist in this process and have a calming effect, allowing the client to take a step back and see their problems from other points of view and different perspectives.

Self-esteem building, re-initiating self-worth, forgiveness, stress management and anger control are just some of the benefits of talking out your issues with someone who really cares and listens.

Call to see if this healing technique could work for you.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N5P3X3

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