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Photo of helen Sladden working with a reiki client
"Reiki is not a religion, yet it can become a way of life."
The Reiki Affirmation:

That just for today,

I will not worry,
I will not be angry,
I will do my work honestly,
I will give thanks for my many blessings,
I will be kind to my family, neighbors and all living things.

To follow this allows us to let go and live without judgment

Reiki: (Hourly Rate)……………………………………………… $150.00

Reiki is a gentle non-manipulative form of therapy using simple hand placements for the transference of energy. The client is encouraged to relax and let go, finding their own level of comfort and safety to begin the process of healing. It often affords them a timeout to regroup; to find their center and experience that place of peace from which they can make new decisions or find answers to their own questions.

The Reiki practitioner is trained to be the facilitator or channel for the Reiki energy. They are simply a vessel through which the energy can flow and be directed to help the client recreate balance in their life. A typical Reiki experience might involve: the forgotten memory of past unresolved issues and the ability to then resolve them; old forgotten hurts that have been an unconscious block; realization of unwarranted outside influences, maybe from their youth; colours; warmth or coolness in certain areas; the ability to reassess limiting belief systems; diminished pain or discomfort.

At other times during a treatment, a simple, safe, peaceful timeout is achieved and is all that is required for the client to move ahead and gain back control of their lives. Reiki actually allows for refueling of the client's depleted energy system, as it is this energy system that is responsible for the dis-ease, pain, or imbalances that seem to be putting their life out of control.

There are many ways that we let ourselves get off track and depleted. We stress daily over work, health, family, finances, and various obligations for example. We give in to fast food, old habits, addictions, and live each day as the one before thinking something will eventually change. We feel stuck in the same old rut of poor nutrition and sleeping patterns, and then wonder why our physical body gives out.

Through Reiki, the ability to come to terms with these issues, find new paths and solutions, and feel great and at peace once more, (or maybe for the first time) is possible.

Are you making Wise Decisions and Healthy Choices? Together we can make a difference!

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N%P3X3

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