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"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity."

...Doug Horton

Hi, My Name Is Helen:

I began my career as a Registered Technologist in Diagnostic Radiography in 1972. While working in the medical field, over time, I began to realize that there was more to healing than isolating and treating individual parts of the body. I found that our thoughts and attitudes played a distinct role in our health and happiness.

By trying to resolve issues in my own life my journey lead me into the spiritual realm of personal responsibility, and the studies of Alternative Health Care.

I have been a Reiki Master since 1997, and completed my counselling studies in 2003. During that time I also completed advanced levels of Crystal Healing Therapy, Metamorphosis and Ear Candling. My journey then took me to study and complete the Masters level of Hypnotherapy at the Ontario Hypnosis Guild, including my Masters registration with the American Medical and Dental Association.

Part of my journey led me to create many types of healing retreats. Organizing women's weekends, and co-facilitating crystal healing retreats were only a few of the very successful methods that we can use to move forward into joy and balance.

I have used these skills in assisting many clients to find their unique passion within themselves once again; to free them to move forward, be successful, happy, personally responsible for where they are and find reason to live joyous, productive and loving lives.

Let me help to guide you in taking the confusion and struggle out of your life, moderate your repeating patterns and stumbling blocks and re-establish the value within yourself.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N5P3X3

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