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" It was so important for me to find someone whose work was more spiritually based rather than a psychotherapist who could just find a "quick fix" for me, often in the form of meds. I am so glad I came across your site, and I assure you if life gets overwhelming again, I'll be seeing you. "

Thanks, B.

" Helen is a wonderful healer and friend. I have been a client for several years and Helen has helped me get through some very tough times with her honesty and gentle guidance! Helen truly can empathize with her clients, and from the client's point of view, her warmth and mastery of several healing modalities make working through issues so much more attainable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have helped me to accomplish, Helen! "

...M M

" Helen is an exceptional counsellor and hypnotherapist. She is gentle and reassuring yet firm. These traits have inspired me to keep going even when I was afraid to. The peace of mind and confidence I have gained in our sessions has allowed me to move both professionally and personally in directions which I had previously imagined unattainable. "


" Helen is an amazing healer. Gentle when warranted but holding me to the task of examining things at a deeper level. After our sessions, I always feel renewed, refreshed, cared about and equipped to forge ahead on my journey. "


" I was in deep turmoil before I met Helen as I had suffered a major disappointment in a crucial point in my life and career.
Helen guided me wonderfully and in a short time I am doing better than ever in a world class organization. Thanks a ton Helen!! "


" I began seeing Helen because I wanted to "forget" about my past, but soon after working with her, I learned how to live beyond my past and understand it. She taught me how to love myself, and be a much more balanced person. She helped me understand how to stand up to my inner child and overcome the voices in my head. Helen offers a comfortable counselling environment in which I immediately felt welcome and secure. She has the ability to communicate in such a way that allows you to open up to her without ever feeling like she is judging you. She changed my life and the way I act and respond to situations that used to be challenging for me. And if I feel like I am struggling with a decision, I simply ask myself...."What would Helen do?" "


" I am most blessed to have met Helen when all my defenses were down. Nothing I had tried to do worked out; but, when I met Helen and came under her 'Magic" my life was totally turned around. She is definitely a no nonsense person; totally compassionate and understanding and thoroughly qualified. I hope your luck, return to balance and health will be the same as mine. Thank you Helen, My Personal Angel "


"Helen's help has been instrumental to my peace of mind when my anxiety or overwhelming stress takes hold. Her therapy helps ease these problem areas for me. I'm relaxed when I am talking with Helen, and her kind and nonjudgmental nature allows healing to take place and personal peace to take hold.

Thank you, Helen "


"It's D….here,

...I just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know how things are....they are GREAT! Since my last session it feels like my life has been transformed. I love the new me. It's like I have a true conscious that rationalizes situations and gets me to choose the right choice. Of course the thoughts are still there but I am able to separate them from becoming actions which I see as a huge success.

I believe I am truly balanced now.

Not to say I'll never be back to see you, because I do miss you.

So, in closing, thank you so much for what you've done for me.........

...I know……I know…..… what I've done for myself!! LOL. "


"Thank you for a wonderful day of learning!!! You are an awesome teacher, Helen!!! I understand so much more now about the responsibility of Reiki and how it works and heals.

You are also an awesome healer!!! I asked mom tonight whether she has been having any issues with her hips/thighs ... her response was that her hips have been sore ... both at the same time!! I told her about the class exercise we did in distant healing and explained that you had picked up on the pain in her hips/thighs and had told me to concentrate more on that area on the person I was working with. I think that blew her away ... she doesn't really understand how it all works, so I'll have to do some work with her to 'show' her, once I get more comfortable doing it. "

Thanks again, Monica.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St THopmas, ON N5P3X3

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