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"To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries."

A C Grayling, Financial Times (in a review of A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel)

Personal Card Readings: (Hourly Rate)…………$150.00

I have hesitated to create a page on reading cards due to the stigma or belief about their origins and legitimacy. Just the phrase 'Card Reading' can stimulate memories of movies where the nervous customer waited alone on a chair, while the reader appeared through a beaded curtain, into a darkened room, with a crystal ball on the table, and candles burning as smoke from incense filled the air.

While I can appreciate the mystique surrounding card reading, the process for me is straight forward and far more direct. When a question is asked, the chosen cards seem to identify where the clients thoughts and actions to that point have been directing them, as well as the influences from outside sources.

Therefore, with my understanding that we are all responsible for where we are and for the things we have or have not achieved, it becomes a logical progression that if we change our thoughts or behaviours then we can change our reality. Due to the energy work I have been doing most of my life, I find the cards to be a natural extension of feeling or 'reading' that energy. When a card is drawn, the symbology, colours, numerology, feeling and design seem to create a clear picture of where the seeker is in their life, what they have or have not done to get them to that point and thus a natural outcome of where they will head into the future.

Our lives have become so fast paced, with instant almost everything to the point that even sometimes cooking in the microwave seems to take forever. We neglect to take time out to listen or acknowledge those inner promptings, thoughts, cautions, and directions. So when life hands us a challenge forcing us to stop and pay attention, we wonder where it came from and ask 'why me' 'why now' and 'what do I do'?

This then is when I find the cards to be helpful in identifying the path we have taken, the path we are currently on and the path that will likely play out if nothing changes. Their message actually presents us with an opportunity to look inside our own reality to create change.

Very seldom does a person ever come for a reading because their life is wonderful, successful, and on track.

So, I leave you with a challenge:

If the reality that you are now living within, is not comfortable, happy, progressive, successful, healthy, and everything that you could ever want for now and into your future;

Call me and see what is in your cards!

Card Reading Workshop 4 evenings - 2hrs each $600.00

Have you ever wondered about the message you have received in a card reading?

Maybe asking yourself: How can it be so accurate?

Where did it come from or why can the reader seem to see inside your soul?

If you have ever had an intuitive experience or thought of yourself as a caring and compassionate person, then you also can 'read' the cards.

Over the 8 evenings we will divide the cards into sections starting with the Major Arcana: which describes the soul's journey, then we will focus on the symbols, numerology and progression of the details of the journey through the minor Arcana, ending in a fun filled evening of using these skills for ourselves and others.

Find out how you can use the cards for yourself as well as assisting others on their journey.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N%P3X3

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