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"Clever people master life; the wise illuminate it and create fresh difficulties."

...Emil Nolde

Hypnosis Treatments

When thinking of hypnosis as an alternative healing option it is important to understand that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. The practitioner is merely a guide in the process of helping you to relax yourself deep enough to create change.

Every hypnosis situation or purpose is unique to each client and time is taken in listening, discussing and developing the best strategy.

There are many reasons for using Hypnosis as a healing modality and some include: Pain Management Therapy, counselling, Regression Therapy, Grief/Bereavement support, Addictions Therapy, Self-Esteem building, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, re-creating Self-Worth, eliminating Fears and breaking unwanted habits.

This tool is of great benefit when the client is ready for change.

The benefits of hypnosis are unlimited.

When you are ready to take back control of your life, call me.

Hypnosis (2 Hour Session)……………………………… $250.00

Experience the feeling of deep relaxation while working through challenging issues, unhealthy behaviours, old habits, fears phobias, and more.

Initial visits are used for discovery, researching the underlying patterns, history and causes for the current imbalances and discomforts in your life.

After that, I prepare individual HYPNOSIS programs and scripts, directed towards your specific circumstances to assist with the desired changes.

Emotional Issues, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem Issues, Traumas, Fear, Anger, Old Habits and Patterns, Depression, Stress, and Anxiety all respond well to the process of hypnosis allowing the client to then feel more in control of their life.

The sessions also include discussions of new coping techniques, specific tools and alternative viewpoints to implement and maintain the desired changes.

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N5P3X3

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