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"Do not be afraid to read this book!
It is a must-read for every woman!”"

"...challenge yourself to read this book...
It will make you think!”"

"At least my ex-husband never accused me of being a lesbian."


The book "Private Misery" gives insight into the world of a family thrust into turmoil, keeping up outward appearances, and finally accepting that, in order for peace to ever reign again, Lara and her husband must separate after thirty years of marriage. I guarantee that anyone reading this book will see facets of their own life mirrored in the words. It will cause you to look inside yourself, and your relationships, and maybe find things that you have tried to deny or hide. It is a true reflection of a real life and one that many of us can identify with, if we only had the insight. It may help you to understand your feelings and actions, and perhaps seek help before it’s too late. It will definitely inspire you to start journal writing, so as to validate your thoughts and feelings, if only for own sense of self, and maybe one day you also will have the courage to share your experiences to help others.

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I couldn't believe that by reading the book "Private Misery" I finally had an explanation into the relationship my parents had in their marriage. That was years ago now. If you believe that you are NOT in an abusive relationship, then challenge yourself to read this book.

It will make you think!

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I recently read the book 'Private Misery' and was astounded as to how she was made to feel never good enough no matter how hard she tried, the put downs she suffered, the questioning and control over money, always trying to keep the peace for the sake of the children, not allowed to live her own dreams and unwarranted accusations of her having an affair ... was Lara writing about my life? At least my ex-husband never accused me of being a lesbian.

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Lara Martin


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