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"To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries."

A C Grayling, Financial Times (in a review of A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel)

"Helen, my appointments with you via telephone have had a big impact on my life. I'm so grateful that you offer phone sessions since I live so far away from you in the States. Between dealing with serious health issues and stresses, and feeling overwhelmed and lost at times, I have found our sessions to be so incredibly profound and helpful. You have given me so many 'a-ha' moments and connected the dots for me in such a way that I had not seen previously. Every appointment with you gives me more invaluable nuggets of insight that have brought answers and clarity to some of my biggest challenges. To be so incredibly intuitive without even having met me is a very powerful gift. Being able to use paypal is also a simple payment solution when I live so far away. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! =) "

"lisa from virginia"

Phone Chat

Understanding the basis for energy work requires an acknowledgment that all life is based on vibration. Have you ever thought of someone you hadn't heard from for a very long time only to receive a phone call, email or letter? Or, maybe you have been out somewhere and instinctively knew who was going to walk next through the door, or could answer someone's question before it was even asked?

When we are trained to tune into this level of vibration we can easily assist someone whether they sit with us in the room or at the other end of a phone or computer. However as a Reiki Master and Teacher, my work goes beyond the physical connection, being done on the Astral Plane, reaching out to where we are each a single aspect of the same energy source. Readings done at this level do not require physical connection, just permission from the recipient for assistance.

Since I realize it would be impossible for everyone to make their way to my office due to distance, time restrictions or health issues, I am willing to set time aside from my office schedule to connect with you via the internet or telephone offering counseling, readings, spiritual guidance and support.

Initial sessions are 2 hours $250.00
Follow up Sessions $150.00 per hour
Numerology reports $150.00

Click Here (Detailed Information about Numerology Report)

Follow up Consultations $150.00 per hour
Tarot Readings-1hour $150.00

Helen Sladden


Cell: (416) 727-2513

Toronto Number: (905) 814-8898

St Thomas Number: (519) 207-8898

Change N You

St Thomas, ON N5P3X3

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